“A Personal Blueprint Proven In Singapore To Redesign Your Lifestyle, Attract & Connect With More Quality Women, And Rockstar Your Own Social Circle… In 90 Days!”

(or choose to be a Lean, Mean, Solo Dating Machine…)


In This Page, You’ll Learn About The Repeatedly-Successful Dating Moves — That Were Discovered & Hard-Tested From Hundreds of Hours of Interactions
With Women In Singapore.

From: Gate & Kyo
ModernMan Academy

Dear Transformation Bootcamp Graduate,

Here’s a typical scenario from a guy who’s finally gotten sick and tired of being treated like a “nice-guy friend” and rejected by girls his whole life, decides to make a real change, and starts to learn  how to attract women, and the “dating game” rules.

1. He starts to read up on information or watch videos he finds on the internet.

2. He tries to apply it to his social circle, may experience some minor success, but usually very rare, as his friends already have a solid impression of him prior to him learning these new “skills”. His “strange new behaviour” is not very well-received.

3. He tries to do “cold approaches” on his own… and finds it incredibly tough to do it alone, gets rejected a lot and is very demotivated by his experiences.

4. He may enlist the aid of “friends” or random strangers he meets on “attraction forums” online.

5. They continually approach and “hit on” women every day of the week, day after day.

6. They get lucky with a few numbers and go on dates with some of these women they meet..

7. But it all ends there. They seldom go beyond that stage, as they fail to maintain solid relationships with these women over time.

8. In some extreme cases, some of these guys are completely awkward with men, but behave in a totally different persona with women. The women eventually find them awkward, when they observe his interaction with others.

The number of failures for each “success story” in this “pickup community” is incredibly high.

Most of these guys go back to a quiet life of desperation and resign themselves to “fate”… silently repeating to themselves that it’s not meant to be.

Even in the situation where the guy who got successful in the art of the “cold approach”, in many cases, they continue to live a life that is routinely about “approaching” and “dating”… without a meaningful purpose.

Most of them will then encounter even more obstacles and challenges that they will have to test, trial and error for a good number of months to years, before learning how to deal with them, or in many cases as well, never learn the critical skills required.

It ends up with plenty of frustration, as the girls they date either:

1. Don’t stay around for a long term relationship..

2. Use them for their money, and as a provider of lifestyle..

3. Have no idea about the  other critical areas that they need to develop on, e.g. recommended dating “rules”, (multiple) relationship management, sex & physical intimacy (a huge reason why women “cheat” eventually), and even how to have a healthy and vibrant social circle..

Their lives become a cycle of shallow “meets & dates”… over and over again.

Not very meaningful, is it?

But what if you had access to a step-by-step blueprint designed from the ground up… to make you a truly successful guy not just with the cold approach, women & dating… but also in your life, career, sex and lifestyle?



In this 90-Day Week-By-Week time-released programme, we will show you exactly what you need to do, to avoid many of the mistakes most men make when they embark on the journey of self-improvement.

Here’s a breakdown of the 12 modules:

(Modules may also be updated, or new ones added in future.)


your personal war plan

In Week 1’s Video…  
You’ll Learn:

    • Why avoiding the top 10 fatal mistakes that most men make in their learning journey at the beginning, will keep you on track for the next 90 days and beyond
    • Priority paradigm shifts to your thinking that is essential to internalize from Day 1
    • Daily successful habits that successful guys have
    • The “secret” movies and books that will imprint the successful “X” factor into your mind
    • Why tracking your progress is the #1 thing that will get you towards your “end goal”
  • Why incorporating random and social approaches in your everyday life will progressively provide the key foundation for success


dress to kill

In Week 2‘s Video…
You’ll Learn:

    • How to dress well to to get women to take “stare”at you in public, in a positive way
    • Basic rules and style coordination tips for fashion and trends
    • How to stay up-to-date with the latest trends
    • Where to look for affordable deals online and offline  to look trendy and stylish
    • Why getting fitting clothes is the most important factor in selecting your style
  • The psychology behind looking good and why most guys either try too-hard, or have no idea what they are doing


lean mean human machine

In Week 3‘s Video…
You’ll Learn:

    • Myths of exercising and gym mistakes that 95% of men waste their time with
    • Blatant lies that modern advertising “influence, sell and market” products to people
    • The dangers of taking pills and how using the wrong supplements can push your progress back or even create undesirable outcomes
    • Nutrition facts that will get help burn stubborn fat off without even exercising
    • Getting ripped and big within 3-6 months by optimizing your time and energy in the gym
    • Why shorter sessions are ideal in the gym
  • Why strength training is superior to cardio for getting ripped


upgrading stat points, abilities, skyrocketing value

In Week 4‘s Video…
You’ll Learn:

    • How to explore an entire world of “women-rich” activities available in Singapore, that will generate instant interest when interacting with women that you come across later
    • The best mindsets towards picking up new skills and activities that will show genuine and authentic purpose
    • Selecting the best option suitable for you, and how to leverage it in your lifestyle
    • Using your new experiences to generate attraction with women that you interact with
  • 3 secrets to getting your foot into the “inner circle” of the places you choose to pickup your new skills and activities


your online rockstar profile

In Week 5‘s Video…
You’ll Learn:

    • How to pimp up your profile online to get girls to stalk you
    • The types of good v.s. horrible profiles of men online
    • Why having an attractive profile online helps you “sell” your best traits and getting women to “brainwash” themselves into becoming really attracted to you
    • How to create instant social proof using your pictures, wall posts that gets likes & comments, building intrigue, mystery, and attraction for you
    • How to follow up with girls using Facebook to maintain sexual tension for days to weeks
    • Why Facebook messaging and stickers are the hidden “secrets” to instantly get women online to enthusiastically stay with you in a chat
  • Basic 10 rules that ensure that you maintain control of the conversation


routines your magic pill

In Week 6‘s Video…
You’ll Learn:

    • Why routines are important at the start as training wheels to generate your “creative” ideas on-the-fly in future
    • The 3 secrets to making routines work like magic
    • The most effective and deadliest routines for every stage of an interaction with women, from meeting to dating and beyond
    • How to structure routines that generate fun, attraction and building sexual tension
    • Top 5 mistakes to avoid when using routines in your interactions with women
  • When is the best time to drip routines in your interactions to keep her magnetically attentive towards you


dating 101

In Week 7’s Video 
You’ll Learn:

    • The types of dates that you can do, regardless of budget, time and location
    • How to structure and design your dates that will give a woman an experience that she will never get with other men
    • Important ways to convey your values and principles across using stories and sharing experiences
    • Creative places to bring a woman
    • How to generate interesting conversation topics and how to handle awkward silences during a date
    • How to be when you hangout with women in social and public settings
    • How to imprint in her mind to extend a meeting with you to progress physically
    • Why physical connection is powerful, and must begin the moment you meet her in person
    • When to go for the kiss, and when to create and release sexual tension
    • Who pays… and how to make it sound smooth and chivalrous.
    • How to make her invest positive energy and emotions in you that will keep her magnetically attracted and connected with you
    • How to invite her back to your place, or suggest visiting her pad
  • Alternative venues where you can proceed with physical escalation that can lead to sex


sex worthy man getting laid part i

In Week 8’s Video 
You’ll Learn:

    • Why 95% of men do not get laid when it comes to women
    • The limiting beliefs that are major cockblocks most men live by
    • How to replace your beliefs with incredibly powerful new sexual beliefs
    • If the “50 Shades of Grey” is real or just a best-selling “myth”
    • How the female sexual organs respond to stimulation
    • The taboos and “unspoken” psychology behind sex that women will deny, but are secretly insane over
    • Why men and women cheat in relationships
    • Why stimulating her mind before sex is far more superior to physical stimulation
  • Basic 10 rules that you must stay true to, or live a life of regret


sex worthy man getting laid part ii

In Week 9’s Video 
You’ll Learn:

    • Basic 5 sex positions that will hit her special spots
    • The one sexual technique that can easily get her addicted to you and lose interest in all other men after she experiences it
    • The “lost art” of dirty talk that can release the beast inside a woman, to completely surrender to you in bed
    • Natural exercises that can easily increase the size of your manhood by 0.5-1 inches
    • How to prolong sex and maintain superman stamina during sex
  • Medical devices that can improve the condition of your manhood for size and shape


relationship management

In Week 10’s Video 
You’ll Learn:

    • How to maintain your relationships with women before you decide if you will be exclusive or not
    • Setting the frame correctly from the beginning to ensure that the relationship is “advantageous” to your terms
    • The one most  important thing you must do to keep her continually attracted to you
    • Things to never say to a woman that you are seeing on a regular basis
    • How to get women to accept and “approve” of your relationships with other women
    • Tips for staying together with a woman for long term
    • Expectations to set when in a serious relationship, to keep your sanity
  • Understanding how a woman’s menstrual cycle can negatively affect her behaviour and how to respond


lifestyle pimpin social circle engineering

In Week 11’s Video
You’ll Learn:

    • How to strategically position yourself in a social circle, and seek alliances that can make you stand out to women that belong to it
    • How to design and create your own social circle, and your inner circle, to maintain control and dominance
    • How to generate a constant stream of new women in your social circles
  • The ideal places that will boost your chances to be in favourable positions, where women will naturally flock to you and seek out your approval and attention



In Week 12’s Video 
You’ll Learn:

  • Summary of the past 11 weeks of learning experiences and looking back from Day 1.


4 “Priceless” Special Bonuses

Included Inside Are The Following:

ModernMan Academy Inner Circle Facebook

Bonus #1 (Value $147)

Meet The ModernMan Academy Community Online

Only the graduates of our Transformation Bootcamps and the members of the Transformation Lifestyle Evolution 2.0 are allowed into the ModernMan Academy Inner Circle Facebook Group. 

Many non-public disclosed tips will be shared via articles, videos, links… and continuously updated, with MMA community members present to help you with any questions you have along your journey to become your improved 2.0.

This bonus is worth the price of the entire membership alone!


monthly hangout

Bonus #2 (Value $147)

Meet The ModernMan Academy Community – Real Time Hangouts / (Additional) Field Trips

Only the graduates of our Transformation Bootcamps and the members of the Transformation Lifestyle Evolution 2.0 are invited to this exclusive hangout that takes place once a month. 

It can either be a guys-only hangout session, or a field trip to club/ day setting.

Network and grill the minds of some of the more successful guys in the world of dating and women in Singapore. 

Many of our graduates find their “accountability” buddy in these networking sessions, and progress with each other on this learning journey.

Exclusive complimentary tutorials will be included during these sessions.

This session is intangibly priceless for the potential opportunities presented, as a critical follow-up after your initial Bootcamp. 


monthly audio hack

Bonus #3 (Value $47)

Monthly downloadable audio interviews with coaches Gate & Kyo on topics that dive deep into the world of women and dating, lifestyle, social circle engineering and psychology, proven to work in Singapore.


magic workshop

Bonus #4 (Value $97)

Magic, sleight-of-hand & illusions for beginners. Covers basic magic concepts, and how to apply magic in an attraction, connection, or seduction scenario to amplify her desire for you.

(This is an offline class that requires RSVP)


By now you will have the “ah-ha” moment, that there are many elements that are key to achieving success with women.

Any single element that’s key in this entire journey, when missing, will simply keep your progress and results under-optimized or risk your efforts wasted over and over.

If you try to accomplish this on your own, it may take countless hours and painful approaches and dates… missing out on opportunities with the kind of women you want…

Or not achieving the type of body that women are naturally attracted and drawn to… wasting hours in the gym or running till you drop breathless…

Or never learning the deadly bedroom secrets that only a rare few number of men know that will drive women wild in bed and addicted to you… and having women cheat on you on guys who know these secrets…

Or having failed relationships one after another, from not knowing how to manage a girl after getting together… committing mistakes after mistakes…

Or failing to be the alpha guy in your social circle… and get ignored by girls who go for the alphas in your group instead…

There’s too much at risk here to be ignorant about all these elements of dating, women, and lifestyle!

It’s NOT our wish to see that happen to you.

Let’s talk about an important question:

how much cartoon girl

How much to learn this stuff?

We’ve thought deep and hard on how much to price this.

You’re about to learn secret dating, attraction & seduction “ninja moves” that will result in a big breakthrough with women.

Over the years in Singapore, we attained EACH secret bit by bit. Right now, you’ll get EVERYTHING in one package. So initially… we think pricing it high would be a fair act.

This entire programme plus bonuses combined… is easily worth more than $3,000.

But hear us out first – Many of our old clients got for themselves a dating lifestyle they desire and have fantastic girlfriends today. They said their success WOULDN’T happen if our programs were priced too high until its way out-of-reach and they couldn’t afford to learn.

Makes sense to you?

So fortunately, that’s not the case and eventually many clients came onboard to learn, succeeded and even got their own male friends/cousins to study our programs. With that, there’s no point in making the price ‘out of reach’.

You can now get instant access to this entire proven blueprint… at only $27 per month.

That’s less than $1 a day invested in your own education to become your improved version 2.0 with women in 90 days or less. ($0.88 a day to be exact… a cup of coffee costs more at the S-11 kopitiam.)

Note: You can cancel your subscription anytime… but why on earth would you do something as crazy as that?


Question: What do most guys EASILY spend $27 a month on?

3 packs of cigarettes (a day)? Beer and alcohol? Mobile games in-app purchases? Movie tickets + popcorn? Bubble tea? On ONE expensive meal in a restaurant? Buying girls drinks and gifts? Or perhaps on “dates” with girls who really aren’t attracted nor interested in them? (you’re really lucky if you try to spend only $27… and still be able to get away with it.)


So if the above programme and bonuses sound fair… now’s the time to get yourself armed with the REAL DATING & ATTRACTION SKILLS to attract, interest and fascinate women, 24/7, everywhere you go.


Stay with us for 1 year and get lifetime access free.

Get in early for only $27 per month.

Newer members who join 3 months from now will pay $97 per month instead!


The “Transformation Lifestyle Evolution 2.0” is designed for practical use.

Now’s the time to begin your mastery in dating & lifestyle.

We’re excited about your future… where your entire life will evolve in just 90 days (or less!)… into the new and improved 2.0 version of you.

Yours truly,

Gate & Kyo
Executive Coaches
ModernMan Academy

P.S. By now… you would have experienced first-hand, that we are coaches with the “value-first” mindset, and we give our best to help you achieve the goals that you seek. If it isn’t going to help you in any way on your journey to becoming an awesome guy with women and make your lifestyle a dream one, we won’t put it inside this programme.

P.P.S. This extremely powerful programme is exclusive to only Transformation Bootcamp graduates, and is not available to the public. We keep it this way to give you that special edge among the rest.

P.P.P.S. The very reason why this is a 90 day, week-by-week time-released programme, is to deter guys who are looking for the magic pill quick-fix. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you certainly cannot expect to instant-rush your success in life, women and dating. Follow the proven-learning structure, and build your very own solid foundation, and gain the success that no one can ever deny you from, ever again.

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