“Let Us Completely Re-wire Your Brain, And Install The Ninja Skills To Turn You Into The Perfect “Seduction” Machine Every Woman Secretly Hopes To Meet!”


What if in just 30 days… you could be well on your way to becoming that man?

What Every Man On This Planet Would Kill To Have At His Disposal:

Your Personal Wingman:


Meet girls together with you in clubs and the day. Get real-time personal time with coaches to shortcut your learning process, review and improve your skills.


Image & Makeover Evolution:


Be your personal image stylist and makeover manager.


Nuclear Weapons At Your Disposal:


Get access to our personal stash of assassin-like ninja tactics for insane attraction, connection and seduction. Deadly-Text game templates? Check. Ninja-Dating Moves & Escalation? Check. 50-Shades-Of-Grey-Bedroom Skills? Check.


Magic Mastery


Learn the deadliest magic used in every stage of the seduction process. Mystify, electrify, and dominate.


Take Complete Control Over Her Emotional Sensations


Master a forbidden NLP technique for making the girl addicted to your touch, anchoring it strictly to you and always to you.


Get Started To Achieve A Model’s Physique


Help you get results in the gym, your diet and rest to get you ripped and big. Natural and safe. No steroids nor drugs. Just clean and ripped.


Shortcut To Sex:


Speed up your learning curve, make less mistakes, get results faster. Virgin? Lacking experience? You won’t be… after we’re through with you.


Social Circle Alpha Male


Shortcut to social proof and build your own social circle fast. Start applying the ninja techniques to engineer your own success.


Sex God 101


Discover the inner secrets and techniques of sexual mastery to ensure she gets addicted to you in bed, and will never cheat on you with another man. Mindf*ck and completely mesmerize her bedroom experience.



100% Rejection-Free, HB10 Hot Chick Experience

Personally experience 100% positive results with a hot chick who will NOT reject you. This will jumpstart your success and confidence so far ahead that you will always look back at this as the trigger point of your life long success.


Fast-Track Sonic Results In Just 30 days

Keep track of your progress daily and weekly. Access to coaches any time (aside from 5am in the morning where we may need our own sleep).

**Due to the amount of personal time required from the executive coaches in this highly personalized programme, the cost will not be affordable to the masses, nor accessible to everyone, and there is only a limited number of private students that will be accepted per month.



How different is this from the Transformation Lifestyle Evolution 2.0 Programme that is a monthly membership?

The ModernMan Academy community-wide membership programme is a personal online home-study course spanning 90 days (and beyond) and  does not grant personal access time to the execute coaches. Results will take longer to show as it depends on the individual’s personal efforts to watch the video tutorials, and practically apply it on their own time.

Can I apply if I have the sufficient financial resources for such a programme?

You may contact us for application. Not everyone will be accepted, as each potential private client will be screened, qualified, and cleared before any coaching begins. This is to ensure that our material remains exclusive, and does not fall into the “wrong” hands and used with malicious intent to harm or hurt women in any manner.

Why is the cost not listed here?

It requires personal time from the executive coaches which is customized and highly personalized for each client. It will vary from client to client, based on requirements, rather than a “fixed” structure, and the area that requires the most work done as priority.

Any “hidden costs”?

What you are paying for are purely for the knowledge and time of the executive coaches. Additional items that are required to be purchased or invested in, e.g. makeover, new clothes, magic items, club entrance fees, alcohol, or anything aside, will not be covered by ModernMan Academy, but maintained by the client himself.

Is there a disclosure form that I need to sign to learn these skills or get access?

Yes. Many of the skills taught within will require a strict confidence and non-disclosure to any others within or outside of our community, to ensure that it remains exclusive and private knowledge.

How soon can I get started?

Just get in touch with us personally, and we will meet to discuss what your current situation is, your goals, and how we can customize your experience to begin right away in as less as 7 days.

What if I have more questions?

Get in touch!